Interiors & Decor

| We have completed projects throughout Asia, Australia, and Canada. We work with all budget and various styles.

| We provide flexible options that fit your budget. You can pick your desired service component or we can bundle everything together for one-stop shop.

|  Mood board service - We create mood boards that are uniquely yours based on your inspiration and your style

   Pay per mood board (per room) 

   Mood board includes furniture, accessories, and layout planning.

   Most items are sourced locally and are available to purchase. 

   Source and price are labelled on each item for easy reference. 

   Additional cost for AUTOCAD or 3D drawings if required.

   Client gets the benefit of professional advice at minimal cost while having the total control over budget and timing.

   If precise layout service is required, client can purchase additional Autocad or 3D drawings.

|  Procurement Service - We help you to save time and money by sourcing furniture and accessories for you

   If you are happy with the mood boards, we can assist you with the procurement.

  With the designer discount clients usually end up saving money and time even with the added service fees. 

|  Interior Design with Renovation - We build your home from scratch

   We have a team of builders to build your beautiful home. We provide project management service.

   Please contact us at for details.

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